30 March - 16 May 2007
Spring Mixed Show

Maggie Vance
'Mirrored Alcove at the Canny Man's (Morningside, Edinburgh)'


Among the exhibitors in our Spring show are:

Carmen Ambrozevich, Damian Callan, Stephen Carruthers, Pam Carter, Alan Chapman, Kirsty Cohen, Frank Colclough, Douglas Davies, Willie Fulton, Joan Gillespie, Ed Hunter, Jeanie Laub, Dugald MacInnes, J Marek, Derek Jones, Kyriakos Kalorkoti, Isobel Kirkpatrick, Patricia Sadler, Campbell Sandilands, Marie Scott, Wendy Sutherland, Eleanor Symms, Blair Thomson, Maggie Vance, Gareth Watson, Val Young


During the run of the show, prices will be available under the Catalogue button on the left.